The Second Version


Rules to Live By

Growing into an adult, I realized the great wisdom contained in the Latin motto repetita iuvant. Certain concepts must be repeated to the point of indoctrination.

1. Correlation is not causation.

2. Assumption is the mother of all screwups.

3. Top-rank engineers are there because they don't even tell the colour of their socks before gathering relevant evidence.

4. It is impossible to completely fool-proof anything.

5. The perfect is the enemy of the good.

6. Good, Fast, Cheap. Pick 2.

7. The plural of anedocte is not data. (Added later)

Thanks also to Kevin. Now go and write each of these 100 times on the blackboard.

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  • O mamma. Era un pò che non passavo da te. Quando ho aperto l'aggrgatore ed ho letto : closed permanently, mi ha preso un colpo.
    Ho aperto l'articolo ed ho tirato un sospiro di sollievo :-)

    Ti seguo anche di quà così come facevo dillà :-)

    Di Blogger Bisquì, Alle 17/11/06 00:58  

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