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What To Do About That

I haven't commented about the crisis in Myanmar (or Burma, or whatever) because there really isn't much I have to say - I could rant at length and with much cursing about the Useless Nations or the commies, but it'd be of little use.

Also, my cynical part takes over and I think that while the repression over there is evil, it's not enough of threat to our interests to warrant direct intervention.

What we should do is to send plenty of weapons and ammunition, arm the population and let them sort it out by themselves - by the way, Buddhism allows for the use of force in self-defense. We may also send military advisors, but no more than that.

And together with the guns, we should also send the right books: the works of John Locke, Adam Smith, The Federalist Papers, Nozick, Mencken... so those folks will get some of the right ideas about state and government.

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