The Second Version


Signs of Being Redneck

- Why waste a hare found dead at the roadside?

- Not having at least one billhook in your toolset makes you lonely.

- The chainsaw is always within reach.

- On your dinner table there are also screwdriver, screws and pliers.

- You live by the words "A tractor goes where no Ferrari can".

- Dialect is your first and often only language.

- The only car too battered is the one that stops working.

- There's no real need to take off your work clothes before going to the club on a saturday night.

- A club where oil-smelling trousers are not tolerated is too snobbish.

- Salami, bread and wine is the food of gods.

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3 Commenti:

  • Salami, bread and wine is the food of gods.

    God, you are European!

    That's "Bologna, bread and beer."

    Di Blogger Kevin, Alle 30/12/08 17:06  

  • Of course I am European - but an eretic one in many regards. Except for wine. Ok, I can make an allowance for beer in summer.

    There's so many types of salted & cured pork in Italy that is difficult just to find a collective name for them. A primer on the subject can be found here.

    Di Blogger Fabio, Alle 30/12/08 17:27  

  • You mean HERETIC. And for a true redneck, it's baloney, Wonder Bread and beer.


    Di Anonymous Anonimo, Alle 1/1/09 06:50  

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