The Second Version


How They Speak Here #2

Indonesians are very fond of acronyms too. Not as pathologically fond as Americans are, but acronyms are very common here, even more so in the official-bureaucratic language.
Although they are built with more flair, I'd say, and most of the times in order to pronunciable.

Here's a brief, incomplete and disorderly list:

POLRI = Polisi Republik Indonesia (Police of the Republic of Indonesia)
MABES = Markas Besar (Headquarters)
POLDA = Polisi Daerah (Local Police)
DIRJEN = Direktorat Jenderal (General Directorate)

JABAR = Jawa Barat (The province of West Java)
KALTIM = Kalimantan Timur (The province of East Kalimantan)
And so on for almost all provinces of Indonesia.
PLANGI = Plaza Semanggi (a shopping mall in Jakarta)
SENCI = Senayan City (another shopping mall)
MONAS = Monumen Nasional (the sort of obelisk in the center of Jakarta)

SEMBAKO = Sembilan Bahan Pokok (Nine necessary ingredients: fundamental foodstuffs such as rice, oil, milk, salt, flour ecc.)
BAB = Buang Air Besar (Defecating)
TOSERBA or TOSERA = Toko Serbaguna (Supermarket)
ANGKOT = Angkutan Kota (Minibuses)
PERSIB = Persatuan Sepakbola Indonesia Bandung (the football team from the city of Bandung)

More will, maybe, follow.

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