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Aging - and Another Meme

I'm not young anymore, folks. How did I realize this? It's a bit of a long way: todays was my last day of work before the 3-week summer vacation, so - a bit as a celebration, but also out of lazyness, I went to have dinner at a Japanese restaurant (the staff are all Chinese, but who cares) in Parma.

While driving back home, I diligently stopped at a pedestrian crossing in order to let a bunch of young girls cross the road, and one of them waved her hand at me saying "Hello, sir!". That makes it; I'm not a boy anymore even in the eyes of bystanders (some would say "You're 29, it's about goddamn time" and they would be right).

As a consolation, I'm trying to launch another of those viral meme thingies: The 10 things You'd Like To See.

Here's my quite random and slightly alcohol-fuelled list:

1) A nuclear explosion. Live.
2) Communism being universally reviled as much as Fascism.
3) Censored for being inappropriate to a non-pornographic weblog
4) A b-movie based on a short story I wrote.
5) A gig of Iron Maiden, AC/DC and Metallica
6) A gig of Sodom, Kreator and Tankard
7) A road tanker of Augustiner beer at full disposal of bands and kids of the above gig
8) Shakira doing a private hip-shaking show. For me.
9) Islam being truly a religion of peace.
10) A whale steak. Rare.A full-auto AK-47 in my gun rack.

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