The Second Version


A Summer Ending

I just can't shake off the melancholy today. I'm back from a week of frenetic touring Italy together with my girlfriend and on Monday it's back at work. I'd need a few more days to relax, a few more days spent doing almost nothing until the boredom sets in - then I'd be glad to go back to work.

Anyway, that the summer is ending can be felt in the air, still hot but getting crisp at nights (well, tonight in Parma it's stuffy, but it won't last); in the shadows of the afternoon lengthening while the Equinox grows inexorably nearer; in the trees which are still verdant but are losing the urge to grow.

In my own personal world, two more weeks and we'll again be separated by thousand of kilometers. Melancholy is the least I can feel, these days.

Anyway, I have lots of pics from our roamings and some more reflections - as you may imagine, not of a very optimistic nature. I just realized that while I was living in London something changed; probably it is not the knowledge but the realization that there's a nasty world out there, and you're never completely safe. You have to stay alert all the time, but dammit, that's so tiresome.

So stay tuned.

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