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Well, it's over. My sweet girlfriend went back home today after nearly a month.
She arrived on a sunny August day and left on a sunny September one - hell, there haven't been many rainy days this summer to be honest.

I drove her to the airport, and drove back with the only company of Manowar.
How am I? Not feeling much either way in fact; I guess The Machine has taken over for the time being.

I guess from next week you'll get more of my unsolicited opinions and general garbage. Ah, and range reports...

For now, Jeff Goldstein points out the disturbing ideological convergence between the progressive left and Osama bin Laden. Of course this isn't exactly news for those who paid attention, I recall:
P-idealists and Islamists do not view each other kindly. To Islamists, p-idealists are decadent, sinful, self-indulgent infidels who must eventually be forced to live according to the tenets of extremist Islam. P-idealists see Islamists as brutal, dogmatic, intolerant, sexist, racist, every-other-negative-ist, excessively violent, and unconscionably militant. (Not to mention religious, which to p-idealists is a sign of mental weakness.) But their mutual loathing pales by comparison to how they feel about Empiricism, because Empiricism has grown more and more powerful with time. With the end of the Cold War, and emergence of the empiricist-dominated US as the hyperpuissance, both are increasingly afraid. Unless something is done, both will eventually lose completely. There can be no compromise or coexistence with empiricism, because empiricist "soft power" has been and will continue to nibble away at p-idealist and Islamist power bases, seducing them one person at a time.

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  • Excellent observation! Expect a link when I get home and have a chance to write a post.

    Di Blogger Kevin, Alle 10/9/07 20:09  

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