The Second Version


Thoroughly Harshed Mellow

First I realize that, moch like Isildur, I probably have lost a ring while swimming in a river. No, it wasn't a ring of such power, but quite important for me all the same.

Insert first long string of curses here.

Yesterday I also realized that some vile piece of human filth has tried to break into my car. The damage is minimal but unmistakable: some tool (probably a screwdriver) used to leverage onto the driver's door. But they did not succeed - and there was nothing worth stealing in the car. The act in itself makes me angry, tho.

So insert second long string of curses here.

And conclude with a low-revel rant about how I went to this disco - in which parking lot car burglars prowl, apparently - and got quite smashed but I still got pretty much bored out of my head.

I don't like the disco thing. I prefer pubs, or in the summer open-air festivals. Metal clubs are fine, but the best of it all is live music. I still prefer the rock/metal variety, but at lot of music is better when played live with a profusion of dedication and sweat. Hell, even techno and the like sound better when you can see a live DJ spinning the tables to the best of his skills.

However, there is a horrible dearth of live music in Parma and the province. But a few kilometers away, in Reggio, the rock/metal/whatever live scene is alive and well. Darn.

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