The Second Version


Internet Groupies

Still pretty fresh, from LGF:
That we Lizards are somehow mindless rubes waiting for marching orders. I think what's really going on here is jealousy. LGF has one of the most intelligent comment sections of any blog. That LGF would appeal to the intelligent, and we would desire to comment here. It's not enough to smear Charles, they have to further it by smearing his audience, because if word got out LGF was the place for intelligent debate- people might come look and see for themselves, only to discover it's true.
Yes, so intelligent that you may see for yourself. Only to discover that in the very thread from where the comment is excerpted the two or three dissenters from Charles' party line the consensus received only snark, condenscending replies and massive negative ratings.

No, the dissenters were not ranting white supremacists, but only people who respectfully disagreed with the label "racist" being applied to anyone not meeting Charles' standards of perfection. A comment was deleted and the user banned without appeal for narrating unpleasant experiences with black kids on the public transport of Washington DC.

Many call today's members of LGF sycophants, but I think they're even lower that that. Most of them today are no more than groupies.

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