The Second Version


Project Mead

Following the partial success of my homemade brew (the more aged bottle was not so good as taste is concerned, but strong), I am going to try again.

And this time, it's mead. My had owns a few beehives, so I have fresh, natural honey available.

One kilo of honey, four or five liters of tap water from the taps of my hillside village, half a cube of baker's yeast, ten (because it's a nice round number) juniper berries for a more nordic taste, a couple of weeks fermentation in a big glass bottle and we'll see.

Update 13/07: Four liters of water and eight juniper berries and yeast recovered from a bottle of sugar wine in its last stages of fermentation, because the last yeast cube at home had turned green with mould. I am not sure that fermentation has started for the mead; now the bottle is sitting in my parents' cellar. Updates will come at irregular and unpredictable intervals as usual.

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