The Second Version


Bit Of Reflection

So now I'm back in Indonesia, jet-lagged and sweating at every step in the stifling tropical heat.

Despite the title, I don't have a lot to write: I am more concerned now with personal issues, regarding work and an small business project I and my family are starting.

I am dead tired of politics - more precisely of politicians - and their perverse relation with the media. According to a large part of Italian media, it seems that Berlusconi's lust and taste for young prostitutes* is the only thing that matters. Not the economic shiststorm, not the concrete risk of default for Greece and/or Italy.

Or, to have it both ways, the economic problems are presented as being 90% the fault of Berlusconi. They say he's unfit to lead, but when asked exactly why, they fall into a tautology: he's unfit to lead, because a Prime Minister like him is unfit to lead.

Forgetting that a number of leaders - both good and evil - led their nations to great features despite being weird if not truly insane.

And here my reflection ends.

*That's what they are, despite euphemisms.

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