The Second Version


Observing the world

Recently I observed a couple of interesting facts.

First observation.
Yesterday, I and my wife were in a photocopy shop, and there was something odd about the young man besides me at the till. I looked at him more carefully and noticed that his t-shirt had bunched up revealing the butt of a handgun protruding from his jeans' waistline.

Now, the shop is a couple of doors away from a police station, so I thought he most likely is a cop. Regular Indonesian cops carry a revolver - model and maker unknown, but it has medium barrel and the caliber looks like .357 Mag.

After the man walked out, I told my wife of my discovery so she enquired with the store clerks. Yes, that armed man is indeed a police officer, one belonging to what they called intelligence and supposed to be plainclothed. But if he carries like that, many will notice.

Second observation.
This morning I heard the noise of a high-flying airplane, so I looked up and spotted this airplane flying among cirrus clouds. At first it was flying right trough the cloud, then it moved above (or, more likely, the cloud wasn't all at the same altitude), and so I could see the shadow of the plane projected on the cloud below.

And, the jetliner's turbulent wake tore through the cirrus leaving the characteristic curly pattern that persisted for quite a few minutes.

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