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Flying Away

Yours truly will son leave for a holiday to nearly the other side of the world - Jakarta, Indonesia in fact (yes, it's an Islamic country. So sue me).

I'll be away for from today till Feb 11, and I hope I'll have fun and distraction. If I can't do these a little crazy things before I'm 30, when could I do it?

My flight leaves in the evening from Linate to Frankfurt, and this is the forecast for Linate: LIML 010400Z 011212 VRB03KT 0200 FG OVC002 TEMPO 1215 0800 BKN004 - that means, fog with 200 m visibility and sky overcast at 60 m altitude. Oh joy...

Things look better at Frankfurt, with scattered and broken clouds and no precipitation more serious than rain drizzle: EDDF 010400Z 011212 23006KT 9999 SCT015 BKN025 TEMPO 2112 4000 RADZ SCT007 BKN011 PROB40 TEMPO 0310 BKN008

I'll keep safe if not exactly good... and I'll post pics later. The blog may be updated in the meantime, but I cannot be sure.

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