The Second Version


Scam Mail Warning

I received an e-mail saying:
British Petroleum (BP)
PLCHuman Resource Department
1 St James's Square London,SW1Y 4PD
TEL: +44-703-184-1852
Ref: 01/007/HRD/BPPLC


Could you be the right person for this job offer? What if our judgement was wrong? You might want to try your hands on it but unfortunately we are only looking for professionals with expectional expertise, highly spirited individuals who are ready to take up a rewarding challenges in the oil and gas industry.

BP, a well established and reputable oil/gas company with rapidly growing wide network of outlets around the world, seeks to attract resourceful individuals craving for a refreshing opportunity yet characteristically possesses the skill and uprightness to excellently deliver amidst limited assistance.

- South-Africa
- Europe
- U.S.A

- All interested candidates should reply via mail with updated Resumes (CV).- Interested applicants must specify job location
- Only applicants who possess the required qualifications will be short-listed whence consequently contacted.

All Resumes should be fowarded to:
That comes complete of a nice BP logo in the top left corner. Well, I've gone through the real BP recruitment process, and it's not like that. Especially, the e-mail address should be a giveaway. Applications should instead be submitted online at this address only; there is no other legit way.

What may happen to those sending their resume to the fake BP, I don't know. But I can speculate that at least their personal information will be used to target them with all sorts of spam. In the worst case, their identity may be stolen. So beware. If I am wrong, please serve me a succulent roast crow.

By the way, forging communications in this fashin may very well be a legal offense. But I'm sure BP can take care of its own legal affairs by itself.

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