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Curious Incident at Stansted

While I was at the gate waiting for my plane - on Sunday 18 March, at 11:30 - 11:40 - I was witness to an incident involving police: four armed officers (equipped with thoroughly tacti-cooled MP-5s or similar) escorted a cuffed suspect into the gate building - he was coming from outside, presumably - but I don't know whether he was a passenger on a flight. After a while, the two remaining officers escorted the subject out of the building and into a police car that had arrived in the meantime, and so the episode ended.

The perp was a white caucasian male, 25-30 years old, rather tall and slender. I would say he had an eastern-european appearance, but I can be wrong. He wore black jeans, a grayish striped jumper and a sleeveless, dark blue quilt jacket. He was quiet and meek while held into custody - and I repeat, he had nothing of the Black, Arab, Pakistani or generally Muslim look.

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