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Good and Bad Anime

I've finished watching Blood+ and it's been quite a delusion. After a promising start, it loses its way and gets bogged down in a preposterously big number of episodes and uncontrolled proliferation of subplots. Finally it emerges drunk with cheap anti-americanism and various and sundry conspiracies, towards a finale where deus ex machina abound. The series is not worthless, but the good is mostly in combat scenes and in the first 15 episodes (one thing the series handles rather well is firearms...).

Then I moved onto Vandread, and up to Ep 8 it lives up to expectations. My complaint is that sometimes space combat scenes can become confusing, but that's a minor one. It has interesting carachters and an original plot (especially later, they say) and features great animation. This is going to be a good show, I really think.

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