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Whole Lotta Climate Papers

While I cook & eat my dinner, you can proceed to digest this bountifulness of writings on climate, its changes and whether the world will end anytime soon or not.

Let's start with an alternate processing of the fourth IPCC report that can be found at Indipendent Summary for Policymakers. See, a lot of the IPCC latest report is open to discussion, but the most troubling part is the Summary for Policymakers. Here is where bureaucrats thinker and negotiate trying to condense all the science into a relatively brief summary for politicians and the like - and it's also where the most of the ideological influence and foul play can occur. I think that an indipendent summary - even if biased in its own way - is a valuable different point of view.

Then we move to the Climate Skeptic, a blog dedicated to climate arguments - of course from the point of view of someone who's not part of the AGW consensus. The author also prepared a book-length critic of the AGW hypothesis, which can be downloaded from the internet - this work has the noticeable quality of being crafted for laypeople who aren't familiar with the science and mathematics involved.

And now let me add a personal note. In the field of climate science there is, below the polished surface, a great amount of at least questionable scientific practices: datasets not available to reviewers; almost-secret algorithms; undocumented assumptions; unexplained adjustements; use of climate models not as prediction tools but as demonstration of hypotheses and so on.
Having personally seen the vehemence of attacks against those who go against certain environmentalist or socialist or politically correct dogmas, and against those who debunk conspiracy theories, I conclude that if climate skeptics used the same methods as the proponents of AGW they would be mercilessly grilled, their personal integrity smeared, driven out of academia and quite probably become victims of threats if not actual violence.

Because climate science is on of the most politicized fields nowadays - and that goes to the detriment of the general good.

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