The Second Version


Murphy, You Magnificent Bastard

My holiday went almost exactly as planned: great food (well, except for the hardest pizza to digest in this world), excellent wine, fine weather and beautiful landscapes. Including the fact that halfway through the third day I was completely saturated with wine and couldn't stand tasting it anymore.

So I more or less rested from Sunday evening until Tuesday morning - but now I'm feeling unwell: bone and muscle pain, headache, a bit of dizziness. I think it's the result of the cold I already had before going to Piemonte, and did not treat properly during these days. I thought that all the cold&flu pills I gulped down were enough, but those viruses won't give up easily.

But as it wasn't enough, tonight I began chopping the lettuce for my dinner with a bit too much enthusiasm, and I ended up slicing my thumb as well. Nothing serious, but enough to warrant a plaster and a latex glove to keep it dry.

I don't even dare to think about what else might go wrong...

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