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President Rockstar

So also this side of the Pond we are bombarded with the fawning reports of Obama's inauguration ceremony and pre-inauguration party.

Which was a concert of a number of music stars, including the usual progressive suspects such as Bono of U2. It is just fitting, in a way: the cult of personality surrounding Obama is the same of pop stars.

The best thing about the election of Obama is that from now on not only blacks but all non-whites will legitimately think that they, or their children can one day be President of the USA. And this is not bad.

I wish Obama to be a great president, but I think that on domestic matters he'll be as bad as his (sane) detractors fear. On the other hand, it is possible he'll be better than expected on international issues.

Another curious thing I noticed is that many here (including the ex-prime minister Walter Veltroni, a pathetic Obama wannabe) are already saying that Obama will have to face a difficult situation and considerable opposition, so there will be no miracles. Hope dashed and change postponed then? It sounds a lot like long-range ass-covering to me: he promised the moon, but if he cannot deliver it's Not His Fault.

But first of all, please, stop with this Obama everywhere, all the time thing. Jesus Christ, isn't there any other story worth reporting here in Italy?

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