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Contempt and Loathing

We all know that MTV nowadays devotes more airtime to various, more or less braindead and adolescent-oriented shows than to music videos.

And we know that most of the music there is of the mass-production type. And that metal is almost completely absent (not that MTV would give much airtime to the likes of Funker Vogt either).

But only recently. I realized how horribly fragmented the however pitiful musical experience is. One can see two, maybe three videos in a row, and then it's advertisements - quite a few minutes of it, and mostly self-referential stuff, ads for other MTV events ad shows.

So just when one starts getting itno the music, it stops to be replaced by something annoying and boring.

I guess it's true that MTV is made for adolescents with the attention span of 15 minutes.

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  • MTV is for young people eh? Do they still watch TV these days? I haven't had a TV for years and I'm not even that young. Last time I tried watching TV in a hotel and it was horrible. How do people put up with 99% bullshit for the 1% of semi-interesting content?

    Di Anonymous Michael G., Alle 20/8/10 20:04  

  • The young in fact spend a lot of their time typing furiously on their blackberries.

    I watched a lot of TV in the last few weeks, but I was in a hospital room attending my gravely ill mother-in-law. Even so, mostly it was Discovery Channel, and news.

    MTV has ceased to be significant for me a long time ago.

    Di Blogger Fabio, Alle 23/8/10 15:48  

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