The Second Version


The Second Version Recommends #2

For the chilli-loving woman (and some men too):

"Chilli Willy" Peppers Grow Naturally Phallic Shaped And Taste Great Too!

Enjoy roasted whole or stewed sliced!

While for more serious reading, my favourite author in these times is Terry Pratchett.
It is difficult to say what's so great about his writings in a few words. He is an author who know how to weave many threads into a single splendid fabric; in other words, his books are based on great storytelling and memorable characters, but then contain much more: relentless satire, unstoppable irony... and above all what I'd call sympathy, or a connection with the human nature in general, with all its noble and base aspects.

Anyway, you'd better read him yourself, to know what I'm talking about.

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