The Second Version


A Burning Sensation of Pain

Today I wanted to copy an audio CD, a task that usually takes something like 10 minutes. But I wasn't so lucky.

First, the Brasero burning software that comes with Ubuntu wouldn't work. It returns an error message saying that cdda2wav is missing even if it installed properly. The bug is known around the Interne, but the offer of solutions is limited. Updating to the latest version works according to some, but it's available only as the detested tar.gz - which always give me problems because of this and that missing thing, and the notoriosly lacking and unreliable support for Linux.

So I decided to try the command-line utility cdrdao, and it seemed to work... only to say that my drive does not support some feature of the CUE format.

"Then back to Windows, at least there's no dealing with arcane packets there!", I naively thought and fired up an old - and SLOW - laptop running XP, downloaded a nice light burning software, switched to administrator account to install it - but it requires .NET 2.0 or higher. .NET 4.0 wouldn't install because the system disk is too full, so I downloaded the 2.0 version and at the same time another small light burning software.

I decided to forget about .NET and used the other burner, but it cannot find or read the image file it itself created. So, nothing to do there.

At that point, something like two hours had passed and a long string of curses accumulated.

I tried to rip the CD into mp3s to burn later, but even that program hung up for no discernable reason. Finally, I downloaded and installed Nero Linux 4 and with that I was able to finally copy the blasted CD.

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