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Citizens' Defense Force

Who said that citizens cannot use self defense against mobsters and organized crime? If there's enough of them, and angry enough, they can mount a significant resistance:
Two members of a gang led by detained leader John Kei reportedly died in a clash with residents of Jl. Rawa Bambu, Tytyan Indah, Kalibaru, Bekasi, West Java, on Tuesday morning.[...]
The wounded man (a mobster who harassed locals and was fought off, ed.) later returned to the scene with other gang members to search for his attacker. During their search, they attacked Septian Yahya Saputra, 19, who suffered knife wounds to his back, head and left hand. Septian was later treated at Ananda Hospital in Bekasi.
Enraged by the attack, about 200 residents mobbed a gang member’s house in the Tytyan Indah housing complex on Monday evening.
Only problem is, Indonesain villagers are even too ready to use this kind of violence: against members of other tribes/religions, people accused of sorcery, policemen mistaken (more or less deliberately) as thieves etc.

Other strange news from Indonesia, by the way. "Nahdlatul Ulama (NU), Indonesia’s biggest Muslim organization", last year held this ceremony:
Chairman Saiful Chalim of NU Surabaya branch said on Friday as quoted by that his organization wanted Muslim people to understand carefully that the concept of jihad was not merely a war against infidels.
“In 1945, NU called on its adult members to perform jihad by joining Indonesian soldiers fighting against the Netherlands and Britain. This monument will be a reminder of our past struggle and the meaning of jihad,” Chalim said.
Now they oppose the notorious FPI:
JAKARTA: The country’s largest Muslim organization, Nahdlatul Ulama (NU), says it has thrown its weight behind a new outfit set up to counter the onslaught of firebrand organizations like the Islam Defenders Front (FPI).

NU secretary-general Marsudi Suhud said that the new outfit, called the Ahlussunnah Wal Jamaah (Aswaja) militia, had a similar mission to that of the NU in promoting pluralism, moderation and justice.

“The two institutions must work together to protect the ideology of pluralism against those who threaten violence and use bullying to scare off the public,” Marsudi said in a statement.

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