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Dangerous Nutcases

Sometimes, I find things that make me wonder if, in fact, "liberals" are right to state that most "conservatives" are knucle-dragging genocidal troglodytes. Look at this excrement I found on LGF for example. And lest anyone doubt, I saved a screen capture of the infamy (I don't think the comment will be deleted, because ploome is one of Charles' pet posters, but you never know).
Here it is, how lovely ploome states that Arabs are not human. And once you've accepted that, genocide becomes so much easier; it's a proven technique. The subsequent comment is pretty nasty as well.

No, she is not speaking in jest or satire, or even anger; she's got a long history of similar statements.

Before I even begin to take her positions seriously, she'd have to produce a peer-reviewed study (and not one published on the Journal of Rabbinic Studies*, for example) demonstrating the existence of a significative genetic drift. Otherwise, it's utter horseshit.

As for the subject of the initial LGF post, I'm not actually happy about rabbits being brutalized for no good reason. But I also know that in the great scheme of things - for the dense ones, international relations; regional and worldwide power equilibria and the like - this story is absolutely irrelevant. It's as meaningful as a bucket of ploome's own stale piss in the Pacific Ocean. Hell, the life of thousands of people is barely relevant in that context.

Moreover, even if that behaviour means that most Iraqis are irreparably savages, it still does not matter. Our priority is not to make them good or just like us, but to make them stop attacking us. If they revert to be backward savages in their own countries without messing with us, that's just fine.

*A publication that may exist or not, but I pulled out of my hairy butt to make an example of partisan and scarcely reliable source.

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