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300 - My Brief Take

So, last week I and a bunch of mates went to see 300.

It's a great movie, period.
It isn't realistic in the slightest (Frank Miller didn't have realism in mind when he penned 300), but 300 is bloody damn stylish. And cool; Leonidas is one of the hardest movie badasses. The whole movie is, indeed, about heroism, glory in battle and killing as many enemies as you can. Happily.

And in the West we need some more Spartan, warrior spirit, some more thirst for the blood of our enemies. Hell, first of all we need to realize that yes, we have enemies and no, they aren't our own creations.

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  • I went to see it mostly because I'm interested in CGI. I expected something dreadful instead I quite liked it. I also downloaded the original comic from the net and I have to say that the movie is much better.

    Di Anonymous Wellington, Alle 2/4/07 23:31  

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