The Second Version


The Ghost of the Lost Post

The post I took down last night was about the latest LGF kerfuffle on Websense classifying LGF in the "Racism and Hate" database category - that resulted in LGF being not accessible from a number of corporate networks.

Finally, Websense staff re-examined the case and put LGF in the "News and Media" category, thus ending the block (and some lizards' withdrawal symptoms; you know, they can't be without LGF at work).

Little Green Footballs has a sort of split personality: while Charles is definitely not above heavy (but open) bias, editorializing and occasional headline distortion, entries there are often useful and informative, shedding light on issues that rarely find proper treatment in the mainstream media and on the darker aspects of Islam that are often overlooked (and sometimes entries there are gratuitious attacks or seemingly aimed at stirring the pot).

But the comments often become a bilge from hell. In there, nastyness abounds (and if it isn't hatred and racism/bigotry proper, it's quite close), together with a paranoid strain, total crackpots and religious/ideological fanatics. LGF comments are no place for rational discussion and in-depth examination of issues anymore; they are the proper place to hang around with like-minded people, rant at will and crack a few bad jokes about Islam, Europe and the like.

But to tell you the truth, I have no enthusiasm for this kind of blog wars anymore. I hope that nothing will make me write about the subject again for a long while. Live and let live, you know.

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