The Second Version


Back In The Freezer

Because the Pianura Padana fills itself with cold air and often fog during the winter, and doesn't let go until April.

It snowed yesterday (Jan 4); now a cold drizzle is falling from a low, lead-coloured sky with a temperature of 1 °C. There was snow in Milan yesterday, but the airport suffered no problems. Quite a shock from the usual 25 - 30 °C of Indonesia.

My flight was pretty much uneventful: the 777s and A330 I took cruise well above most atmospheric phenomena. But I took a couple nice pictures of contrails left by planes flying at lower altitude.

I'm not ready to write down my travel experiences; I need to let them settle for a bit. Anyway, this is a scene of everyday Indonesian life in a small town: in the dirt and gravel at the side of the road, a slim guy using wedges of some sort and a sledgehammer to take a truck's tire off the wheel for repairs.

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