The Second Version


Past the Threshold

I have become convinced that at the mighty age of 30 my body said "No more", because I've been in one sort of health trouble or the other since early September.

The cause was the incosciently massive overdose of chilli I had in August, which wrecked havoc in my lower abdomen. And no, I don't mean the runs, but an infection that required a prolonged antibiotics treatment. The infection also caused inflammations down there, and I'm still battling the last remnants of those.

Then yesterday I did a 1-km run, which isn't anything special even if I don't train constantly. Today, my left foot hurts so much I can barely put it on the ground - and it's swollen as well. Heel pain, which needs rest and anti-inflammatory drugs if it hurts too much. And I already planned a range trip for tomorrow, dammit.

Well, at least a herald patch of pityriasis rosea on my arm regressed and disappeared quickly. I guess I should be happy for the small blessings.

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