The Second Version


The Devil's Diet

The Devil explains how he keeps himself thin:
If you are worried about becoming fat, maybe you should try your humble Devil's diet. I eat a large meal only every three to five days, and merely have a snack—bread and cheese, or maybe a couple of Gregg's steak bakes—at lunchtime on the other days. This is because I sit on my arse all day (occasionally twitching my mouse hand and typing this balderdash) and, working from home, I don't even walk to work anymore. You will find that you soon slip into the routine, and hunger doesn't strike (or if it does, porridge really hits the spot).
Suggestions that make complete sense, because first of all is the energy intake / energy consumption balance that determinates a person's size; a very sedentary life takes very little energy above the "survival" needs. Second, I maintain that several small snacks are better than a few big meals: excess energy that cannot immediately be used gets stored as fat, and a big meal - even if the total calories count remains the same - produces a bigger spike of excess energy than several snacks.

We began our human existence as hunters/gatherers (and probably scavengers, too) so that means having to deal with a fairly empty stomach most of the time, punctuated by the occasional binge when a large prey is captured or found (there were no fridges back then...): eating 2-3 abundant meals per day is definitely not what we have evolved to cope with.

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