The Second Version



Yesterday I tried to access Blogger, but it replied with a curious error message signalling viruso/spyware activity on my machine. My firewall logs show no exceptional activity at all, bu in any case I ran a spyware and then a complete antivirus scan. There was nothing bad in my system except a few tracking cookies.

While I was at it, I also tidied up my files, deleted some old stuff after burning the originals on a CD (25 x 700 MB Sony blank CDs for little more than 3 € at Dubai Duty Free...) I freed some disk space and defragged my data/work drive and the second HDD I use for backup. As you can imagine, all this took quite a few hours.

This morning through the comments at Kim's blog I visited this little amusing website: What's My Blog Rated? It fishes out the MPAA rating for a website of choice, and this very blog turns out to be PG-13. I agree with the overall rating, because this is a blog by an adult for adults, but the reasons for the rating are ridiculous: two istances of the word torture and one of the word hurt (in the homepage only? I don't know). They must have missed al my talking about gay porn, guns, circumcision, war and the like.

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