The Second Version


CJ's Freedom of Speech

"You can say anything you like, but leave the Jews alone or else." In the long form:
Laws against free speech are bad, we can all agree on that. But Le Pen is no poster boy for free speech; he's being prosecuted for this stuff because he has
a lot of influence.
Later another commenter calls Charles on his statement, but the mighty CJ initially refuses to give any satisfying answer, then bans the commenter for the sin of dissent.

Notorious Jewish extremist ploome hineni shows up to repeat that yes, being anti-semitic is reason enough to be jailed, while the others fool around cracking jokes. Typical LGF shit; I see nothing has changed.

Another dishonorable mention goes to this:
Europe is done for.
That has nothing to do with a sober appraisal, but it's only a feel-good motto. It's something a Yank can repeat to himself until he's completely sure of his intellectual superiority, and can look down upon those brutes inhabiting this side of the Pond.

Update 11/02: If you think that I am obsessed with Little Green Footballs, this other guy beats me 100 to 1. But if you assumed a considerable amount of timewastotoxin, his blog deserves a visit.

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