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We Are Screwed

Via Winds of Change, I found this horrible atrocity: on the website of Australian Broadcasting Corporation, a page called Prof. Schpinkee's Greenhouse Calculator.

It is so fucked up that initially I hoped it was a parody but no, it's the real thing. This indoctrination tool will tell you at what age you should die in order to consume you "fair share" of Earth's resources.

This display of brain-damaged suicidal environmentalism makes me mad; fuck them and their anti-human crap. Go live in a cave and eat only the fruits you can pick from trees and the animals you can hunt with your bare hands, but leave me the fuck alone.

We're scrwed if we don't fight back against this envirofascist brainwashing, because it's a rot that comes from within, and more dangerous than any coming from without.

Update: This story is getting big in the blogs: The Rottweiler, Stingray, Steven DenBeste, Coyote Blog and others are all ripping the idiocy to shreds.

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  • This is really sick. And the simple fact that is not seen as sick speaks volumes for the times we live in.

    Anyway I don't even drive a car and it turns out I should have been dead at 18.4. Looks like I beat it.

    Di Anonymous Wellington, Alle 31/5/08 15:04  

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