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Yet Another Minor Irritant

IMDB now features parental guides for movies (here's the rather long one for Sin City), where all the questionable scenes and situations are listed for the parents.

But something that bugs me is the category "Alcohol/Drugs/Smoking". See, I grew up in those blessed time before alcohol turned back into al-ghul (the demon) and before we realized that tobacco industry CEOs signed a deal with the Devil in order to get little kids hooked on nicotine.

In other words, I grew up with the idea that smoking was quite a normal thing to do - and not just because movies: I could see people smoking in the streets and many other places.
Same goes for drinking: people were shown drinking in movies because people drink in real life. People are also shown getting drunk, and most often doing stupid things while intoxicated (which I think is a good lesson as long as it doesn't become preaching).

And look at me, I don't smoke and... well, at weekends my alcohol level tends to be a bit higher than suggested, but I am no alcoholic at all.

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