The Second Version


Well, Not Quite Yet

The voice in my head telling me that it wasn't yet time to leave my land, my country and my people grew louder and louder, to the point that I could not leave and decided to postpone my trip.
Back to job-seeking, then.

By the way, is there an election going on in the USA? Here it's getting as much media coverage as our own general elections... what are we, the 55th state?

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  • One of the reasons why I neverwanted to take a stance in ANy U.S. election. All this putting banners with "your" candidate on the blogs, covering the elections in Tv...that's why they say USA is an "empire", their mentality is surely one of colony.

    Di Anonymous Wellington, Alle 4/11/08 15:21  

  • Interesting point. Surely the President of the USA is more important for world equilibria than the president of, say, Andorra - but all this attention goes out of proportion.

    "Colony mentality"? Perhaps it's a bit harsh, but it explains some situations quite well.

    Di Blogger Fabio, Alle 4/11/08 15:58  

  • According to the Obamessiah there are 57 states, so you might have solved one of the Seven Great Mysteries right there.

    Di Blogger Kevin, Alle 13/11/08 15:35  

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