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Hope and Change In My Computer

Hope: I installed Service Pack 3 for Windows XP, and I hope it won't screw things up. But apart for a minor glitch at startup (rare, because I keep my machine in standby when not in use), there seem to be no problems.

Change: Goodbye IE7; I finally moved to Firefox 3. Not that I loathed IE, in fact, but Firefox has the edge. It is noticeably faster only for certain websites, but it is much better regarding configuration and personalization (and safety, they say); and I have installed the great Flashblocker and NoScript plug-ins. Because I want to see and use only the animations and applets I care for or have to. The only thing that I miss of IE7 is a certain ease - or triviality - of use that Firefox is lacking.

Now I only need an open-source firewall to replace that dinosaur of McAfee and I'll be a happy geek.

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  • Firefox is far better than IE. and the plug-ins you installed are perfect for safety. Anyway there are thousands of plug-ins you can search for.
    OT: there is an e-mail from progetto galileo that waits for you.

    Di Blogger fabristol, Alle 20/10/08 17:40  

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