The Second Version


Wonder And Amazement

I am always amazed when I see those Palestinian propaganda pics (click to enlarge) on the western media, and for two reasons.

One is how good the Palestinians are at propaganda. Real masters, nothing less: the image of the grieving, almost crucified with sorrow, woman is so dramatic.

The other is how can reputable media keep falling for the same trick again and again. They do not care about what they publish, or are they in the plan too? (A mix of both).

I am not sure, but I strongly believe that the picture is not a genuine display of grief. Instead, it was deliberately and carefully staged to be used as propaganda material outside of Gaza, especially in Europe and the USA. It already happened in the past, and it worked quite well, so the technique is expected to be used again.

The "internationl community" clamoring for a ceasefire (which of course only Israel has the command & control structure to respect properly) is the usual tranzist mess: dialogue as an end in itself and absence of conflict seen as peace. But in practical terms a ceasefire woul only give Hamas time to regroup and rearm. Israel is completely entitled to reject or accept ceasefire requests at her own leisure.

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