The Second Version


Insipient Knowledge

I am completely fed up with the kind of knowledge too many people display. Online discussions are the worst offenders, but cases of this intellectual pathology are rife in real life as well.

I am fed up with notions - actually exact in themselves - picked almost randomly here and there and heaped without any regard for their connections or lack thereof, and the disdain for a coherent and cogent scheme of things (or narrative or paradigm if you like) able to provide context and relations for the various notions.

And of the same randomly acquired notions hastily put together without the binder of logic - the only safeguard against contradictions and fallacies.

The terrible conclusion when I see that widespread insipience is that two entire generations have been taught not how to think and reason properly, but instead what they should think under a sprinkling of facts collected in a haphazard manner.

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