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I have been once again in Jakarta for the past couple of weeks.

There I finally got married to my fiancee. We had a catholic wedding and a small reception - no more than 400 guests... I also discovered to my dismay that the only alcohol there was a small toast, and the bride and groom are not supposed to eat until most guests have had their dinner. Things here are not exactly the same in Italy, you know.

After that, we had a short wedding trip in a luxury hotel in the nightlife district of Kemang and just yesterday I came back. I can't tell you the sheer joy of travelling again on an Italian train, really.

Emirates is a great airline, deservedly one of the world's best; with their inflight entertainment system the 14-odd hours of the flight passed well. I also noticed that the airways do not pass over Iraq even if it would make the shortest route from Milan to Dubai: is that airspace forbidden, or the airlines just no not want to take any more risks?

But no worries, The Second Version will remain a single blog!

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