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Monolingual Void

What self-respecting computer technician cannot tweak his own machine? So, today I undertook the long-deferred job of replacing the 2x512 MB modules of DDR2-266 in my computer with a single 1 GB module of DDR2-333 (Kingston brand); there is no noticeable difference in performance, but now I have one free slot and two RAM modules to use as spares or sell.

In the meantime I also brushed and vacuumed some dust off the system fan, CPU heatsink and fan, chipset heatsinks and video card fan. A nice spring cleanup for my PC.

All this geekiness only to introduce the main point of this post: I am quite out of inspiration for posts in English - while I have quite a few ideas in Italian. This is strange because since the beginning of my blogging adventure I have been bilingual - perhaps it's because living in Italy now I have lost contact with the English language?

Yes, there's a couple of English posts almost ready in my mind, but they're about trans-atlantic issues and unlikely to give me much popularity in the States.

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