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And Now For Something funny

The commenters at Belmont Club are usually of above-average quality, but there is one particular nutcase that always cracks me up. One of his latest... elucubrations, for lack of a better term.
Women and homosexuals need to be loved so they can expose themselves to the will of men. This need to be loved is pushed by both parties and imposed upon men as a passive aggressive attack on the male gender. I think gender studies and climate studies are rightfully taken together. Energy is power and men have always sought it. The AGW crowd wants you filthy men to put a condom on and stop breathing. They want us to bend-over to their will. Regardless of their motivations their tactics would not work at all if we were not worried what a bunch of euro-fhags thought. Caring is a social disease that one gets from fine young cannibals. Why should they try to compete when they can turn their advisories compassion against them.

The Russians and the Chinese are secretly laughing at us and will promise to get on their all-fours and arch their backs waiting to be mounted by the girly men of the effete western elite, but only after WE humiliate ourselves. I would like to live in a country where euro’s are not allowed visas, perhaps in the post-apocalyptic Texas, until then, you’re all owed a very bloody nose.

“Can’t we all get along? “ No sir, we can’t.

Ain't this so cute? He never contributes anything useful except this type of comments.

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