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Mead Report

I can announce that after four months of aging in the cellar the mead I brewed last autumn is becoming drinkable.

Around Christmas it was way too unripe to be of any pleasure, but now the improvements are evident. I remember reading that mead takes at least six months of aging to turn smooth and good and rich, in any case.

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  • What's your mead recipe then?

    Di Anonymous Wellington, Alle 19/2/10 15:03  

  • A short description of how I made it is here:

    More deatailed explantions (in Italian) here:

    Then there is a forum of black metallers from the south with many stories about homemade mead. But Maxbeer seems the most professional.

    Di Blogger Fabio, Alle 20/2/10 14:20  

  • Thank you. Too bad I don't have a place to age it, or I'd try myself at that.

    Di Anonymous Wellington, Alle 26/2/10 00:36  

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