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Blaming Obama

It should be no mistery that I have little simpathy for the Obama administration*, but there are statements that I cannot agree with at all. Things like this, I mean:
11 dead workers from Deepwater Horizon who were killed by Ken Salazar's negligence
And this:
You believe that BP is culpable for the explosion of the Deepwater Horizon, but those whose job it was to inspect the rig and make sure it was safe, and chose not to do so, are not culpable at all.
I also have this engineer's habit of wanting to know what factually went wrong before blaming someone, so I went and read the accident reports. Not only the "official version" but also the internal report form BP and the indipendent one from Berkeley University.

And all of them agree on one important aspect: the blowout originated from the bottom section of the well and most likely from the poor cementing of the production casing.

Who was in charge of the cementing job? BP and Transocean, that's who.
Not any governmental agency (their job was to review the designs, but there was no government officer out in the field supervising, nor there was supposed to be any).

I leave out Halliburton because from the reports it appears that they ran the proper tests and gave BP all the relevant information on how to correctly cement that last part of the well.

It was also BP men who decided to consider the well as stable despite contradictory test results and who decided to save time performing various activities at once: that made monitoring of mud returns difficult and generally distracted the rig crew from paying attention to the well. So the incoming blowout went undetected for many precious minutes.

Then the escaping gas from the well met insufficient or deactivated safety systems on the rig and that resulted in two explosions and a large fire; compounded with malfunctioning BOP control systems, the fire consumed Deepwater Horizon until it sank.

Taking care of the rig systems was, if I am not mistaken, prerogative of its owner: Transocean.

Statements like those above also contain the assumption that business need a controller breathing down their necks all the time or they will screw up and cause disasters.
Which is curious for someone who seems to believe in classic liberalism.

This looks a lot like a case of blaming Obama for anything that happened under his watch without consideration for how things actually went. Which is fine if you want to do anti-Obama propaganda, but not much else.

*I don't know enough of Obama the man to form a judgment on him.

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