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I Wish This Was a Scam

But it seems to be real. Here's what I found in my mailbox a minute ago:

The Power of Choice: Diversity Businesses Vote on Top Corporations
Southport, Connecticut, November 27, 2006/-- today announced its 7th annual online election for the 'Top 50 Corporations for multicultural Business Opportunities' will be held November 27, 2006 - December 8, 2006. The 7th annual list is produced by, the nation's leading multicultural B2B online portal. The voting business owners based their decisions on such factors as the volume, consistency and quality of business opportunities granted to women and minority-owned companies.[...]

Top Honors for Top Corporations
While other awards and 'top lists' crown companies for overall economic growth, returns to shareholders and similar metrics, the Div50 is an indicator of which organizations provide the best and the most business for diversity-owned companies. In a marketplace that is increasingly as sensitive to diversity as it is to revenues, recognizing the top buyers of multicultural products and services is becoming a natural part of the new socioeconomic food chain. 'Those organizations that buy the most products and services, most consistently, from diversity businesses, and that sustain the most mutually beneficial business relationships with their multicultural suppliers, should be recognized not only by the suppliers but also by the general public' said Kenton Clarke, CEO of
At least, I have applied for a job with one or two companies which are quite far down the multi-culti list...

And this brings me to another serious piece of drek. The posting for UCSF Fellows positions on states with a straight face:
Although the UCSF Fellows Program is eager to consider nominations of all exceptional individuals, we are particularly interested in attracting minorities and women to our campus.
Being Italian may count as minority, but I ain't gonna apply for that position, knowing their intentions. They can stuff their diversity where it does not shine.

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  • loves to send out illegal spams and are in violation of the CanSpam act.

    Good luck on trying to get them to stop. The spams from that place will continue and continue.

    Di Blogger v, Alle 14/2/09 18:39  

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