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Notice- This is not a serious post. Actually, is a bit unhinged...

I've realized long ago that Internet is the place for weirdos. Think of any weird, perverted, stupid, irrelevant thing and you'll be able to find more than you can handle about it with a few second on Google.

So I should not be surprised that people make strange homemade music videos, but some things are just too strange. They mixed Rammstein's song Engel with images from Neon Genesis Evangelion, but I guess that's right, because both song and anime deal with angels. And both NGE's cast and the band are a bunch of psychos. And the video looks cool in the end.

Anime strike again, in a video of Michael Jackson's (you don't need a link here, do you?) Smooth Criminal played on scenes from both Cowboy Bebop and Trigun. But hereby I confess I always had a liking for Smooth Criminal. And altogether ask for pardon.

Then I found a video of Manowar's song Carry On... made with images from the videogame Final Fantasy IX.* Manowar live in a fantasy world, so what's wrong with adding a fantsy videogame to the mix? The wrong is that FF9 is a kind of "soft", cutesy fantasy world. While Manowar's world is... well, like an everlasting Battle of Pelennor Fields, where the Rohirrim ride Harleys rather than horses. And probably wear cowskin briefs too.

Manowar provided the music - Master of the Wind - for another weird video. Which features a naked, smoking-hot swarthy lady in the middle of a desert plain. I knew that Manowar don't exactly dislike feminine beauty, but that looked suspect. No leather, no swords, no bikes? And in fact I noticed the bunny logo in the bottom right corner...yes, they used footage from Playboy TV.** Now, the information you all were waiting for: the girl is credited as Neferteri Shepherd - Miss July 2000.

From wierd to weirder, it's another Rammstein's song, Moskau (which has a rather curious story by itself, because a collaboration with the fake-lesbo-lolicon TATU was rumored long ago; probably the female voices in here are not TATU's, but the label "Rammstein and TATU" stuck). Anyway, the video is made combining the music with images from a videogame, called Hellgate, in which - surprise! - two fighters in futuristic-retro armor shoot, slash and stab at scores of demons, zombies and other hellish creatures. And, even more surprisingly, the female monster slayer has DD boobs and wears a curve-enhancing armor! To complete the works - or to utterly mess up the whole thing - the images at the beginning of the video suggest an analogy between heroic images of communist propaganda and the two fighters of the game. Yes, my brain went in a powerslide.

And like it weren't enough, someone also combined Moskau with stock footage of North Korea. Well, the other videos are weird but fun; this one is genuinely creepy instead.

* Warning, annoying Flash intro and music.
** Do I really need to tell you that it is NSFW?

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    might perhaps be a better example of the "genre". Your call of course.

    I find some of them entertaining for the same reason I like a anime or move. It sums up some of the high points of the series and sets it to decent music.

    I happen to have utterly disliked the other examples you posted, so in all likelyhood I'm just biased.

    either way, fun times.


    Di Blogger scianafucile, Alle 5/12/06 01:30  

  • Some of the comments for the Nork one are disturbing. At least the folks in the video didn't have a choice to be cheerleading for a genocidal Stalinist state...

    Di Blogger Cybrludite, Alle 5/12/06 07:25  

  • Scianafucile:
    It's all about tastes in the end. And Sturgeon's Law.

    I gave only a glance to the comments on YouTube, but I have no doubt that you can find shills even for North Korea. It's beyond sad or stupid; it's pathological.

    Di Blogger Fabio, Alle 5/12/06 08:19  

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