The Second Version


Good Riddance

So Saddam Hussein has finally been executed - and the ghouls are already searching the 'Net like mad for the thrill of his hanging video.

I surely won't shed a tear for Hussein - in fact, I think he got what he deserved, but Rick Moran is right: there is nothing fun about the fact, nothing to celebrate. I feel like a hard, nasty job has been done; satisfied but not happy.

What makes me roll my eyes is the position expressed by almost all the European elite (the common folks are a different breed): "We condemn Saddam's atrocities and recognize he was a brutal dictator BUT we think his execution is horrible anyway". I don't think this is a principled stance, and neither much simpathy for the man himself.

No, this is admitting that the Eurocrats don't know what to do in a case lying outside their worldview. They imagine a world without brutal dictators (but with a bureaucratic tyranny firmly in place; for our own good of course), and don't really know how to deal with one.

While we morally inferior people have this so unsophisticated view that scumbags are better dead and buried, at least sometimes.

In some other but partially related news, we have conclusive evidence that Hizballah systematically used human shields; and other "human rights" organizations downplayed the extent of this practice and even lied about it. Ah, the mighty NGOs... (thanks to Max Malvani).

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