The Second Version


The Ultimate Fantasy Battle

Steven reminded me of some other time wasted reading 100% geek stuff on the Internet. Fights between fictional characters, in this case.

Lara Croft vs. Duke Nukem was ma favourite - of course the Duke would win, why you even ask? The curious thing is that I know a guy who not only looks like Duke Nukem, but pretty much thinks like him too. And this chap is a real person, go figure.

Anyway, what would be the ultimate fantasy fight? Choose anyone you like on your side, but on mine there will be Lobo. He's pure unadulterated testosterone-overdriven brutality and bad manners. The caveman at the bottom of our being, drawn on paper.

Lobo technically can be killed, but here's the kicker: after he thrashed both heaven and hell, he's not allowed there anymore. So he can only be sent back among the living.

And he will frag any sonuva snake stupid enough to challenge him.
Gogeta? BITCHINBIGBLASTO and it's over.

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