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Some Different Music

In a deviation from my usual "metal, as heavy as you can take it" fare, here's a few videos of a different kind. Still, not exactly easy-listening.

I know only one song by Front 242, but it's a catchy one: Headhunter (Warning, a couple of scenes aren't very safe for work).

I was unable to locate a decent video of the live version of this song, but on stage they have a real drummer for a more powerful and aggressive sound - play loud for best results.

Another song I like is a techno remix of the Das Boot theme; some sources attribute it to Kraftwerk but in reality it is by U96 - another German techno ensemble. Anyway, here it is...

Even this song seems to exist in more than one version, but they're similar enough. Better than a lot of the commercial crap that infests clubs these days.

When talking about electronic music, one cannot ignore Laibach. This Slovenian band also owns the dubious record of being the most provocative I've heard of. Am I exaggerating, you think? Judge by yourself - Tanz Mit Laibach:

And this one too - God Is God:

And if that wasn't enough - Slovania:

At the intersection of metal and electronic music, there is Rammstein. These German chaps know pretty well how to stir up some shit, for sure. Some also define them as "Laibach for adolescents", and it's quite fitting. Here's a song of theirs, a classic in its live glory - Du Hast.

Have a fine mosh session, and stay safe from fire!

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