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The Thrown Dog Case

An idiotic cunt who also happens to be an US Marine apparently throws a dog puppy off a bridge in Iraq, and in a bout of further stupidity has the whole thing caught on camera.

I'm still not completely sure the story is real, but that seems to be the case. And in that case the asshole deserves a punishment (proportional to the offense, of course): gratuitious cruelty is not the appropriate behaviour for a member of the Marines Corps.

This said, the video was even on Italian TV and websites and the media treatment of the story makes me want to kick some sorry journalist ass. Expressions of shock and horror are the most common reactions, and the usual blathering about how all this will tarnish the image of the West and so on. Fair enough, but in proportion the gratuitious mistreatment of a dog earns more condemnation than, say, the numerous decapitations and other atrocities committed by Islamic extremists.

It's not that anchormen go out of the way interjecting their opinions, but it's the whole tone of the news; the authors and editors convey a strong sense of outrage about that barbarous act. But if outrage is strong about an abused dog, decapitations and massacres of children should redline the outrage-o-meter. Instead, the media most often work hard to be neutral and non-judgemental in those cases. Something stinks, in there.

Moreover, if we accept the view that the reputation of the West can be tarnished by a few mean jackasses, we should also accept that the image of Islam can be dragged through the mud by all the atrocities committed in the name of Allah. And many more similar instances. But no, we must always be forgiving and understanding, to the point of social suicide.

What stinks is the loss of moral compass in the West - something that I often bemoan. It's the Age of Trifles - when all basic needs and many superfluous ones are satisfied, people agitate for trifles. It's the nauseating relativism and moral equivalence of much of the intellectual class.

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  • I'd like to offer a rather different story you won't read in medias.

    "My husband spent some time out on a patrol with engineers in his battalion that were out in a Buffalo. I'm sure most of you know what that is, but for those that don't - it's a HUGE vehicle with a large mechanical "arm" that goes down the streets and pokes and prods random looking things on the sides of the road or other places trying to find and detonate IED's or other ordinance before they take out other vehicles not equiped to handle the blast.

    Anyway, the day my husband went out with them they found a very suspicious looking box or bag (I don't remember) on the side of the road and so they put the arm out to poke at it. The arm opened up the box and out came a puppy, the arm had accidently broken the puppy's back as it isn't the most gentle thing on the planet. These soldiers were DEVASTATED. They called back in, got permission to go ahead and put it out of it's misery (because unlike the media portrays, you can't just go ahead and fire at will) and then gave it a very proper burial. Inside the Buffalo, these soldiers had tick marks for every IED or ordinance they'd found, but on this day they added a frowny face for the puppy.

    So yeah... big puppy killers our troops."

    I got it from here:

    Di Anonymous Wellington, Alle 7/3/08 13:03  

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