The Second Version


Project Chilli 2008 - Part 1

I want to have another hot summer and autumn this year, so I began growing more chilli plants. Here's the Scotch Bonnets: I collected the seeds from two of las year's fruits, left to ripen fully on the vine. All saplings in the pics are roughly two weeks old.
Five out of six seeds germinated in about one week at the first try: these seeds are of better quality than the 2007 batch. I wonder if the Scotch Bonnet cross-pollinated with the Capsicum Annuum I had in the garden at the same time.

This year I'm trying also another variety: the Bulgarian Carrot. I took the seeds from one fruit bought in a shop, but they are performing well too.
Growing fast and strong, as I expect from a more hardy European variety. Only problem is, these seeds have a tenacious integument that remained as hat on the saplings. I lost three plants this way and managed to manually remove the tegument from two more without causing too much damage.

Finally, one Scotch Bonnet plant has survived the winter and seems ready to sprout anew.
To be continued...

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