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I had heard that some people think that the WTC towers were destroyed using micro nuclear devices, but so far I never ventured into one of those websites. Today, I decided to read one - and it's more grotesque than a commune of perennially stoned hippies.

See, the idea that the explosion of some kind of bomb - specifically, a nuclear bomb with a definitely sub-kiloton yield - may have brought down the Twin Towers is way out of whack with reality, but still plausible enough to be entertained as an intellectual exercise or conspiracy theory.

But the Author of that report - which could have been produced by a sufficiently large number of monkeys happily typing away - goes way beyond the nuclear bomb scenario. And for him, the much-popular theory of thermite demolition is for those naive enough to stop at first level of conspiracy; the truth is buried much deeper - where it can only be reached with liberal use of strong antipsychotic drugs, I suppose.

In the Authors's mind, the truth about 9/11 is:
The explosions were produced by a clandestine Nuclear Reactor under each tower undergoing a "power excursion" and then a core meltdown.
Behold... insanity in front of your eyes. You can't reason about something like this; it is thoroughly removed from the realm of rational discourse and logical proof. It is nothing but crazily insane.

But if you suspected that the Author couldn't tell his own asshole from a gas tank inlet, you are only right. Read what he says about nuclear fission:
In fact, the elements discovered form a distinctive signature and hallmark of a certain well known chemical process.
Yeah, a chemical process. Nuclear fission is a well known chemical process. And I am a well-known millionaire playboy who blogs only to take a break between a hot night with Lucy Liu and a speedboat race to the Monte Carlo Casino.

Or I could be, if those cheap Reptilian bastards loosened the purse's strings a bit. Bitches.

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